Utrecht Summer School

Hello everyone:)
Does anyone know if the readings on the program have to be done beforehand or is homework and the articles/etc are given as a part of the course materials?
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Hi, is anyone attending the 'Going Global: Management Game Strategic Marketing' course starting on 7th August? ... See MoreSee Less

Is there someone that will attend the course "Strategic entrepreunership"? ... See MoreSee Less

Who of you guys is staying at Biltstraat? What's going on tonight? ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone partaking in the Theoretical Physics course from the 14th to the 25th of August? ... See MoreSee Less

Hello everyone ~
Is there anyone going to attend "Data Science: Statistical Programming with R" from 14-08-2017 to 18-08-2017 and "Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation" from 21-08-2017 to 25-08-2017?
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Hi , is anyone attending "From Van Gogh to Picasso: Modern European and Dutch Art" - starting on the 31 of July ? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi everybody! 🙂 Is there anyone attending the course "Cardiovascular Research" starting on the 14th of August? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi! I'm attending the course 'Europe in Three Wars' starting July 31st. I will be arriving a bit late so I won't be able to pick up my key. Is there someone who is going the same time who can pick up my key? ... See MoreSee Less

Hey everyone! I'm attending the course 'Europe in Three Wars' from July 31st to August 11th. Anyone else? I'm from Sydney, Australia ☺️ ... See MoreSee Less