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Make sure to secure your Paris ticket for this March soon 🙂

Its gonna be a great trip again and only 99€ for a full weekend 🙂
Departure from Amsterdam, Brussels, Groningen, Leuven, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht!
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2d Trip to Paris! 99€!

March 17, 2017, 9:00pm - March 20, 2017, 1:30am

Departure Cities: Amsterdam, Brussels, Groningen, Leuven, Maasticht, Rotterdam, Utrecht Dear students, friends and fellow travelers, finally we can announce our next awesome trip: PARIS! You simply can’t visit this city too often! There is so much to explore and history behind every corner! We will have 2 amazing days in which we will discover the city, make friends and have an amazing time! 🙂 Of course all on a budget! We will provide you with all the organization, so no stress while you will meet amazing people and have an unforgettable time! You don’t need to pay any transfer costs as our coach drops us off directly in front of our hotel! So you are good to go! 🙂 ******************************************************************* Price: 99€ for an amazing trip! Check out below whats included! Remember we operate on a first come first serve basis. We just got a limited number of seats! Book here: Your booking will be secured after paying. ******************************************************************* Departure Cities and rough times (times are depending on the bookings and to be determined shortly before the trip) Friday/Saturday night -Amsterdam (22.15 - Amstel train station) -Brussels Airport (04.00) -Groningen (20.15 - central station) -Leuven (03.00 - near Central Station) -Maastricht (01.30 - near Central station) -Rotterdam ( 21.00 - near Central station) -Utrecht (23.00 - near Central station) We will leave Paris again at 19.00 on Sunday evening and be back Sunday night/Monday morning 🙂 Rough Arrival Times, (times are depending on the bookings and to be determined shortly before the trip) -Amsterdam (06.15 - Amstel train station) -Brussels Airport(00.30 -) -Groningen (-09.43 - central station) *public transfer -Leuven (01.20 - near Central Station) -Maastricht (02.50 - near Central station) -Rotterdam ( 07.30 - near Central station) -Utrecht (05.20 - near Central station) ******************************************************************* The trip includes the following: -transportation in our private coach -AC/WC/DVD on bus -first breakfast sandwich upon arrival -accommodation in a hotel (max 3 people per room) -guided walking tour by professional local tour guides! Get ready for lots of fun! -wanderlust starter package including brochure and maps -Wanderlust Student Trips team leaders -heaps of recommendations whenever you need them -the stress free program -and most importantly a lot of fun! Additional: -Pub Crawl (15€ extra) ******************************************************************* Itinerary Friday night 17.03. -Starting our awesome tour late in the evening 🙂 Saturday 18.03. We will arrive early morning in this magnificent city directly in the city centre! Grab your free sandwich to get started for the day! Your included guided city tour will start right away so that you can get a great overview of Paris. Professional Sandeman guides will show us around and tell us everything about the Parisian history 🙂 After 2h of tour you can check in at our hotel or stay at the city and continue exploring, its up to you 🙂 After checking in, enjoy some free time in Paris! Ask our wanderlust student trips leaders for suggestions and use your special brochure to see where to go to discover Paris in a great way! In the evening, get ready for the optional awesome Pub Crawl to see numerous bars, pubs and a great nightclub! (15€ extra) Sunday 19.03. Check Out in the morning to spend another amazing day in the City of Love 🙂 Do the self guided tour! The best way to see Paris is by walking through the city! You won’t stop admiring the city by every step you take! After that we all will have different places we still want to explore, so get your friends and let our trip leaders tell you what you definitely should see! Is it the world famous Louvre, the quarter of Montmartre or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, this is your day!! Of course depending on the whether we will give you appropriate recommendations 🙂 Also use your special brochure on which you will find amazing places that aren’t that common for tourists but all the more worth seeing them! Meet again the whole group at our hotel where we stored our luggage to head back to home. Enjoy some films on our coach TV on the ride home or talk about what you have seen on your trip 🙂 Monday 20.03. Arriving back home early morning so that everybody is able to attend class again 😉 ******************************************************************* Stay tuned and share this event with your friends! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Follow us on Instagram for daily travel inspiration around Europe! Subscribe our events on Facebook:

Hi there, I am Tanja, 26 years old and from Switzerland. I am looking for a cozy room with nice flatmates in Utrecht. The room should be furnished and available before the 27-02-2017 until the end of June 2017/beginning of July 2017 or longer.

I am a nice, calm, clean and funny person who likes to have good talks, one or two glasses of wine, some Netflix sessions or a nice cooked meal together with my flatmates. I am also a very clean person and like it when it is tidy. I am not a big fan of house parties (in my own four walls) but I like having friends over for some drinks now and then.

I have already lived in Utrecht one year ago for 5 months, therefore I know everything and I already have a circle of friends here. Now I am coming back for work. I could spent up to 500 Euro for a room. Next to English I speak Swiss German, German and French. I am motivated and eager to learn Dutch while I am here.

Would be lovely to hear from you. Send me a PM if you know something. Thanks a lot! Tanja
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Orange Is the New Black! The American comedian Greg Shapiro will be at Hofman Café on Monday with a special comedy show about Donald Trump and the US elections. Tickets are 5 euro. ... See MoreSee Less

English Comedy Night: Orange Is the New Black (Greg Shapiro)

January 30, 2017, 8:00pm - January 30, 2017, 3:30pm

Trump: Orange Is the New Black US standup comedy evening with Greg Shapiro. Dutch American comedian Greg Shapiro says goodbye to his Obama impression and welcomes the new leader of the United States: Vladimir Putin. Just like Putin, Shapiro finds Donald Trump a 'Useful Idiot.' The jokes write themselves. Doors open: 17:00 Showtime: 20:30 Tickets: 5 euro (6 euro at the door) The entire show will be in English. Hungry? It's possible to order our Hofmanburger (without fries) or a weekly changing vegetarian menu for €10. Reservations are required and possible until 1,5 hour before the show.

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ALAAF!!! Also in 2017 the friendly gang of Couchsurfers will celebrate CARNIVAL in MAASTRICHT REGION!

Info & sign-up for this years' edition are here...
(so far 45 sign-ups on the event page on!)
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CS Carnival in Maastricht Region 2017!

February 23, 2017, 6:00pm - March 1, 2017, 2:00pm

ALAAF!!! Also in 2017 the friendly gang of Couchsurfers will celebrate CARNIVAL in MAASTRICHT REGION! C o m p l e t e . P r o g r a m M a p . w i t h . a l l . m e e t i n g . p o i n t s : This event on CS This event on BW 23 February till 1 March 2017! ~ ~ ~ As every year, at the end of the Mardi Grass Season, many Couch Surfers will gather to enjoy several parades, drink good beer and eat good food, and to make an intense party at Carnaval in and around MAASTRICHT! ~ ~ ~ V a s t e l a o v e n d Vastelaovend is the official name of this festival. Tourists and people from Brabant are allowed to call the festival Carnaval. Limburgish is the language spoken and sung during vastelaovend. ~ ~ ~ M a a s t r i c h t . C a r n a v a l . A n t h e m . 2 0 1 7 (Mèt vastelaovend krijg iech weer) Vleugelkes (During Carnival I have) Wings (again) C S . C a r n a v a l . M a a s t r i c h t . I m p r e s s i o n . 2 0 1 6 video by Marc ter Braak C a r n a v a l . i n . M e s t r e e c h ~ ~ ~ C o u c h e s . i n . M a a s t r i c h t --> it's NOT too early to look for a host! 🙂 - Frank : Can host 10 people (4 km from center) Staying with Frank you celebrate Carnaval from the morning till the last bus goes home! Also it's the "venue" for the pre-Carnival party on Friday 24 February. - Others: see the event members, check the CS event page for that! ~ ~ ~ T o p . t i p s Stay on Monday and Tuesday (and allow yourself rest on Wednesday)!! Feel the emotions of Tuesday eve, when the clock ticks down until midnight and everything, every-thing is over! On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday a crazy disguise is necessary. On Saturday disguise is also good! ~ ~ ~ C o n t a c t Phone / SMS !! Frank +31 6 214 888 56 – phone – SMS – NO WhattsApp – NO mobile FB Marc +31 6 524 434 90 – phone – SMS – WhattsApp – mobile FB Osman +31 6 343 074 55 – phone – SMS – WhattsApp – mobile FB ~ ~ ~ AUW WIEVERBAL FAT THURSDAY 23 February VALKENBURG Grandmother's Ball in Valkenburg is a Very Crowded Carnaval festival with the best Carnaval artists of the region! “NO MORE DUTIES TILL CARNAVAL” FRIDAY 24 February MAASTRICHT Dinner and pre-Carnaval party at Frank's flat in De Heeg quarter Maastricht “LAST DAY BEFORE CARNAVAL” SATURDAY 25 February MAASTRICHT Arrival of Prince of Carnaval of Maastricht Crazy Couch Carnaval City Hike Carnaval Dinner @ Osman Underground Saturday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl 1st day of CARNAVAL 2017 SUNDAY 26 February MAASTRICHT * * costume theme: "Wings & Wheels" * * Official opening ceremony Crazy Couch Carnaval City Hike Main Carnaval Parade Carnaval Dinner @ Amigo Sunday Crazy Couch Carnaval Crawl 2nd day of CARNAVAL 2017 MONDAY 27 February International Carnival Parade Wolder (Maastricht NL)-Vroenhoven (Belgium) MAASTRICHT Battle of the Sambabands @ D'n Hiemel (NEW!!) 3rd day of CARNAVAL 2017 TUESDAY 28 February Program 1. MEERSSEN Top 111 Festival Program 2. Seven kilometer hike with parades in EIJSDEN and ECKELRADE MAASTRICHT Closing Ceremony @ Vrijthof 00.00 end of Carnaval 2017!!!! ASHWEDNESDAY 1 March MAASTRICHT GULPEN Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Swim, Sauna, Bath. To refresh, to chill out and to detox!

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CS Maastricht/Limburg-event Sunday 18 december : Free Arriva Train & Bus Tour Around Limburg !
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Free Arriva Train & Bus Tour Around Limburg ! (CS-event)

December 18, 2016, 9:15am - December 18, 2016, 3:30pm

FREE Arriva Train & Bus Tour Around Limburg ! Voor Nederlands, zie onder Engels. ENGLISH Please also sign up on CS! What is going on? Arriva is the new public bus & train company in Limburg starting on 11 December. On Sunday 11, 18 and 25 December Arriva lets everybody travel for FREE on all their buses and trains in Limburg. What are we going to do? Let's make a full day tour around Limburg by FREE bus & train on 18 December! Starting at 10 AM and ending at 22 PM in Maastricht, but you can join us in other places that we pass by along the way. Just board the bus or train according to the schedule (see below). Meeting up in Maastricht We are meeting up in Maastricht at the coffee tables in HEMA inside the central trainstation from 09.15 until 10 in the morning. Be here to join us! At 10:08 we will leave with our first bus, line 57 to Gulpen, through the southernmost villages of the Netherlands: Noorbeek and Epen. The schedule With eleven buses and trains, we would travel around Limburg, hitting its southern- and northernmost places. We change buses and trains in the following places: Maastricht, Gulpen, Heerlen, Sittard, Echt, Roermond, Weert, Venlo, Mook, Venlo and Roermond. Please take a look at the full schedule for all the details! Keep in mind that, because of taking so many different buses and trains, we may easily somewhere miss a connection. This means that we basically simply lose one hour on the schedule. Place to sleep I can host you at my place in Maastricht before and after this day. PM me if you would like to. So we do not need a ticket? Actually, you need a ticket, but the ticket costs 00,00 euros. The ticket, that you have to print out, you can download here: No printer, no worrr, I bring extra tickets. What to bring? Bring something to eat and drink. We will spend really a lot of time in the buses and trains, eight hours in total. Only in Mook, the northernmost point of Limburg, we will for sure have a bit of time to visit the supermarket and a snackbar. For free to Maastricht Of course you can travel also for free by bus and train to Maastricht with this ticket, for the meetup. It is also valid on the Arriva-train Nijmegen-Venlo and the Arriva-buses from Aachen, Geilenkirchen and Maaseik. However, the ticket is only NOT valid on the NS intercity train (Amsterdam-Maastricht). Cheap to Maastricht from far outside Limburg: NS groupsretour Do you want to join, but need to come from far outside Limburg? For 7 euro you can travel return by train to Maastricht with a NS groupsretour ticket. PM me to make a reservation with me and follow my instructions. You need a printer to print this 7 euro ticket. From Aachen? The free tickets are also valid on the Arriva (former Veolia) buses from Aachen to Maastricht (line 350, former line 50) (by which you can join us in Gulpen, with bus 55 @ 11.10) and to Heerlen (line 44) (by which you can join us in Heerlen, with bus 40 @ 11.42). Contact During the day you can contact me only by SMS or phone. No apps, no Facebook, no smoke signals. My number: +31621488856 NEDERLANDS Gratis ARRIVA Trein & Bus Toer door Limburg ! Wat gebeurt er? Arriva volgt Veolia op en gaat vanaf 11 december bijna al het bus- en treinvervoer in Limburg verzorgen. Daarom mogen reizigers op zondag 11, 18 en 25 december gratis met alle bussen en treinen van Arriva in Limburg mee. Wat gaan we doen? We maken een GRATIS toer rond Limburg met bus en trein op 18 december! We beginnen om 10 uur 's morgens in Maastricht en eindigen ook om 10 uur 's avonds in Maastricht. Je kan je onderweg bij ons aansluiten. Stap gewoon in de bus of trein in het schema (zie hierna) en zoek ons op. Verzamelen in Maastricht We verzamelen van 09.15 tot 10 uur 's morgens bij de koffietafels in de HEMA op het station in Maastricht. Sluit je aan! Om 10:08 nemen we de eerste bus, lijn 57 naar Gulpen, door de zuidelijkste dorpen van Nederland: Noorbeek en Epen. Het schema We hebben elf bussen en treinen op het schema en komen door de zuidelijkste en noordelijkste plaatsen van de provincie. We stappen in de volgende plaatsen over: Maastricht, Gulpen, Heerlen, Sittard, Echt, Roermond, Weert, Venlo, Mook, Venlo and Roermond. Voor het volledige schema kijk je even hier: Denk eraan dat we makkelijk ergens een uur vertraging op kunnen lopen aangezien we vaak over moeten stappen. Het betekent dat we simpelweg een uurtje langer op pad zijn. Slaapplaats Ik kan je een slaapplek in Maastricht bieden. Stuur me een bericht als je dat graag wil. We hebben dus geen kaartje nodig? Wel dus, maar het kaartje kost 00,00 euro. Je kunt het kaartje, dat uitgeprint moet worden, hier downloaden: Heb je geen printer, geen nood, ik breng extra tickets mee. Wat neem ik mee? Eten en drinken. We zitten echt heel veel en lang in de bussen en treinen, in totaal acht uur. Bring something to eat and drink. We will spend really a lot of time in the buses and trains. Alleen in Mook, het noordelijkste puntje van Limburg, hebben we tijd om even naar een supermarkt en de snackbar te gaan. Gratis naar Maastricht Uiteraard kan je ook gratis met trein of bus naar Maastricht komen met dit ticket voor de meetup 's morgens. Ook geldig op de bussen vanuit Aken, Geilenkirchen en Maaseik naar Limburg en de trein Nijmegen-Venlo. Alleen is het ticket NIET geldig op de NS intercity vanuit Amsterdam naar Maastricht. Goedkoop naar Maastricht vanuit ver buiten Limburg: NS groepsretour Wil je mee, maar kom je van ver buiten Limburg? Voor 7 euro kun je retour reizen per trein naar Maastricht met een NS groepsretour. Stuur me een bericht om te reserveren en ik geef je verder instructie. Je hebt voor dit ticket van 7 euro een printer nodig. Schrijf ook in op CS! Contact Tijdens het event kan je me alleen per SMS en mobiel bereiken: geen apps, geen Facebook, geen rooksignalen. Mijn nummer: 0621488856.

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Utrecht Monthly Couchsurfing meeting - November 2016

November 18, 2016, 8:30pm - November 18, 2016, 4:59pm

Every third Friday of the month it's time for our traditional and cosy monthly meeting! Do you feel like meeting other couchsurfers in Utrecht? Well, then the monthly meeting is the place to go! It is a good place for all of us to exchange experiences, share stories, get tips for travelling and simply have a great time. More information + event on couchsurfing: If you intend to attend the meeting, please sign up on Couchsurfing as well 🙂